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empowering mature women to invest 
and create financial freedom.

empowering mature women 
to invest and create financial freedom.

After 50

helping driven women 

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Founder of Finances after 50, Financial Advisor, Invested Woman, Entrepreneur, World Traveler, Shoe Lover, Free Worshipper, Mom to 4 and "GiGi" to 4 Kids and a Cat.

"I'm every woman..." If you're like me, you know what it's like to be all things to all people. It's a tremendous privilege and wonderful responsibility. One of the best things I did for myself and those entrusted to me was to learn to invest and become the wealthy version of me. 

My God-given mission is to make an impact and income so that I can live unapologetically, give generously, bless my family, leave a legacy, and empower women to be wealthy.

Finances after 50
is me living out this purpose and calling. 
Are you my divine assignment? 

money mentor to mature women

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Wealth mentor to mature women

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After 50:
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- lynee' u.

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new income streams and growth in my finances is due to my work with her.

- nancy b.

her mentorship program helped me reach my money goals.

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- melanie c.

she has been helpful in bringing me to the next level with my money.

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We are confident in our finances, making empowered decisions.
We are prioritizing ourselves; not needing permission or forgiveness.

We have worked for our money; now our money works for us.
We attract abundance with grace and ease; living in the overflow.

We are savvy investors, fully secure in our financial futures.
We are unapologetically wealthy, creating the lives we deserve.

We are driven women Creating Wealth after 50!

Money Mentorship

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Financial Freedom

Spiritual Growth

Intentional Investing 

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How to Create Wealth After 50 and Start Investing with Less Than $100 

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